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Doctors Testimonial

Gareth Hunt's Testimonial:


Hey Steve


My name is Gareth Hunt, we met in surfers a little under 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if you remember me I told you about my mums cancer condition. I'm writing to thank you for that night and the generous deal you gave for the green teas. I have had my mum and dad (who has diabetes) drinking them everyday, they love your tea and has made them a bit more comfortable even in this short time. My mum is soon to be going back to the hospital again for a long day of talking to specialist about whether shes eligible for treatment and if so how to approach it. It will surely be a long and painful day and we are almost out of your wonderful tea and would to purchase some more and any help with getting more would be greatly appreciated. 
Would love to hear from you again soon and talk a little bit more about everything.
Thank you again for all your generosity help and support through this hard time.
Kind regards
Gareth Hunt and the Hunt family.
P.S. I would like to extend my thanks to you for all your good deeds and generosity you give to all those in need throughout the world and all the charities you contribute to and fund. You and all you have done spread kindness and new hope all around the world, men like you are a rare commodity in today's modern world. Never stop doing what you do, you are one of the last few heroes of this world.

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