Who Drinks Tao Ti Green Tea

Keven Mealamu

All Black Legend
"The main reason I got in contact with Tao Ti would be the health benefits. Myself, I have family that have diabetes issues, and also know a lot of people especially in the Pacific Island community as well that have suffered from diabetes. Being just another person, what you usually do is go and Google and have a little check up on what the benefits are, and to be able to see there are so many benefits from all the antioxidants and all the goodness it can bring to your health. I thought it was really important I get onto it and get my family onto it as well."
- Keven Mealamu 

Waka Nathan

All Black Legend
"I’m a trustee of the Bank of Dreams and I really like what Keven (Mealamu) and TAO TI are doing for the community."
- Waka Nathan

Reuben Parkinson

Former Otago Highlander, Wellington Hurricane and Veteran Japanese International Rugby Player 26 Tests and part of the 2003 World Cup
"During my 6 years in Japan playing Professional Rugby for both my club and the Japanese National team our nutritionists and dieticians made us drink green tea as part of our health and fitness regime both hot and cold.
On my return to New Zealand my family and I wanted to continue drinking green tea after experiencing the benefits of the antioxidants in green tea for 6 years. I tried all RTD brands available on the market; however they were all potions of extract, powders, artificial additives and high in sugar with low antioxidant levels, not healthy at all.
Then I discovered TAO TI RTD Green Tea. It is in my opinion the best Green Tea I have drank and the healthiest, extremely low in sugar and very high in antioxidants, not to mention delicious. Experiencing the benefits of green tea and living a healthy lifestyle I contacted the people importing the drink to congratulate them. I have offered my services at no charge to promote TAO TI Green Tea in any way I can, as I know every new Zealander drinking this will benefit health wise, it is simply the best I have ever drank including what I drank in Japan.
It’s TAO TI Green Tea for me and my family, thanks guys."
- Reuben Parkinson

Jordan Freeman

Tai Chi Instructor, Rotorua NZ
"I have been taking the TAO TI Green Tea on a daily basis for over 3 months. I have a condition called Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia; the main symptoms are a high white cell count and tiredness. On my last blood test my white cell count had come down. I have more energy since drinking the tea and I am now working longer hours. The TAO TI gives me a healthy ‘pick me up’ and I feel really good. I drink both flavours and I have not found any other bottled drink so remarkable, pleasant and amazingly sustaining."
- Jordan Freeman